Jesus Vomits

The Word Of Christ



Preparing For The Rapture

Creation Museum - 6th Day

End Of The World

Rock Hard For Jesus

Noah's Dilemma

Why am I in Hell?

Stop Playing


Which would Jesus do?



Christian Nation

Shut the door!

Burnt At The Stake

Decent Christian Burial

Doggie Heaven

Immigrant Hate Preacher

Dear God, please send clothes

I Believe

The teacher thinks you're praying

Creation Museum

Bible Man

Moral Pillar Of Society

Bible Authors

America Is A Christian Nation

Bible Loophole

The Holy Bible

Healing Services Cancelled

The carnival's back

You Shouldn't Make Fun Of My Religious Beliefs

Against My Religious Principles

Religious Right

Created In God's Image


Fillet'o'fish meals

Falwell's fate

God & homosexuality

Broken Jesus

Jesus is watching

Stop biting your nails!

New Ten Commandments

The Power Of Prayer

Last Minute Sell-Off

Who / what is the "Word of God"????

Weaker brother