Self Abuse

Work Together

Dull Sermoan

Off on a tangent

Fundamentalist Adoption Of New Technology

I'm the act

Only begotten grandson

The Pastor needs to know

The Bible God Uses


Family Heirlooms

I'm so sorry

Christian fiction

Background checks

Climate change is a hoax

Jesus says ..........

It's only fair to tell you ....


The devil really does have the best music


All equal

Between congregations


As Jesus said about gay people .....

No, Father, don't ......

Thou hast been punked!

I love you so much

Deeply held religious views

Your own reading light

God will change you into a real boy

I refuse to answer that question

Christian Icecream

The Bible

Mindless Dogma

This is the church ....

Shut up




What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus Loves Me

Mum couldn't be here

Jesus gets his nails done

Delivering Salvation

I'd get fired

Don't feel very welcome

Like a girl

Your fundamentalist tones

It's a miracle!

Agressive anti-church sentiment

Sing it anyway