God, Christian Rock & Satan - A Treasury

(including Christian rock, Satanism and Backward Masking, Anti-Rock Diatribes, The "Christian Crusade", and more)

The Legacy of John Lennon : Charming or Harming a Generation?

by David A. Noebel
[Christian Crusade/Thomas Nelson 10/82, 163pp.]

"The author argues that his research reveals direct and deliberate encouragement in rock music for young people to abandon biblical morality and embrace sexual perversion and promiscuity, drug abuse, Satan worship, rebellion against society and violence."

Bomp comment: Noebel was the first great anti-rock fulminator. Sure, preachers railed against the 'jungle music' of the '50s, but their books don't seem to have survived. With the arrival of the Beatles, Noebel was already at work decoding the Communist Master Music Plan, and showing how rock's bestial rhythms and disrespect for (divine) authority were a real threat to American values. By the time he got to Lennon, fairly late in the game, he had to make some concessions to the general acknowledgement of rock's cultural value, but by carefully explicating John's lyrics, he was able to demonstrate evil in even such seemingly-innocuous songs as 'Imagine' ('Imagine there's no heaven...' indeed!). Truly, Noebel has set the pace for all Christian rock-exegesists since.

Larson's Book of Rock

by Bob Larson
[1980; Tyndale House 11/87]

"Larson was originally one of the ilk who claimed that the synchopated beat by nature caused evil orgiastic thoughts and demon possession. In this book he cheerfully claims that he never thought such a foolish thing. Instead he focuses on the sexuality and personal habits of various rock stars. As amusing as it is to read, this book stands as a monument to Mr. Larson's entire career of riding whatever scare-horse has been popular in fundamentalist circles, from rock music and Eastern religions in the '60s to UFOs, Marilyn Manson, and school shooting today.


The Day Music Died

by Bob Larson

"A rejection of rock because of its sensuality."


Your Kids and Rock

by Bob Larson
[Wheaton, Ill, Tyndale House 11/88]

"The author looks at the music scene, such as what's behind heavy metal madness, why people watch MTV, when rock and occult meet, top rock performers and who they are, what they say, what the lyrics really mean."

Hippies, Hindus, and Rock & Roll

by Bob Larson
[1967, reprint 1970]

Bomp note: In this volume, Larson analyzes the shift from drugs to mystical religion that took place in the rock community starting about 1967, following the Beatles' pilgrimage to Rickashesh to meditate with the Maharishi. Of course, it goes without saying the eastern religions are nothing but idolatrous devil-worship, but in Larson's hands the evidence is clear and convincing. He seems to overlook the simulataneous rise of "Jesus freaks" in the youth movement, but a busy man of God can't be expect to stay atop every development. God bless Bob Larson and his tireless efforts to save us from the filth that has passed for popular culture ever since the death of Tommy Dorsey.

Rock & Roll: The Devil's Diversion

by Bob Larson
[1967, reprint 1970]

Bomp note: Larson surveys the whole field of rock, from oldies to psychedelic, and using quotes from the artists themselves, shows that there is a conscious conspiracy to evoke the satanic possessions of Voodoo, at the root of all the supposely-sophisticated music that evolved in the late '60s, not to mention deliberate use of sexually suggestive clothes, movements and lyrics by artists from Jimi Hendrix to Cher. The ministry launched with this book continues today, praise be to God.


Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth

by Bob Larson
[Thomas Nelson 10/89, 224pp.]

"In the 1600s it was the Puritans looking for witches in town hall, in the 1950s it was McCarthy looking for communists under the bed, and in the 1980s it was Bob Larson looking for imaginary Satanic Cults, well, everywhere. Let me put it this way: Larson lists a page of 'Satanic' symbols in his book, which include (among others), the Egyptian ankh, logos of rock bands, and the peace symbol. You can imagine what the other 200+ pages and the rest of his books are like. His mind is obessed with this 'Satan' character, so naturally he sees it everywhere, and he wants to share his paranoia with the rest of the world. Please don't buy this book, even for laughs, because this liar doesn't deserve a cent. If you're looking for an actual researched book on the myths and facts of the Satanic Panic, try the book by Robert D. Hicks."

Bomp comment: Following closely in Noebel's footsteps, Larson (a former rock musician himself, and later a pioneer of Christian music)has emerged as one of The Lord's best spokesmen.



Satan Likes Good Music

Lord, won't ya buy me ....

Oh lord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz ?
My friends all drive porsches, I must make amends.
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
So lord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz ?

Oh lord, wont you buy me a color tv ?
Dialing for dollars is trying to find me.
I wait for delivery each day until three,
So oh lord, wont you buy me a color tv ?

Oh lord, wont you buy me a night on the town ?
Im counting on you, lord, please dont let me down.
Prove that you love me and buy the next round,
Oh lord, wont you buy me a night on the town ?

Oh lord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz ?
My friends all drive porsches, I must make amends,
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
So oh lord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz ?

Thats it!

Janis Joplin - "Mercedes Benz"

Jesus In A Box



EAT your tithe

Deuteronomy Chapter 14

"Each year you shall tithe all the produce that grows in the field you have
sown; then in the place which the LORD, your God, chooses as the dwelling place of
his name you shall EAT in his presence YOUR TITHE of the grain, wine and oil, as well as the firstlings of your herd and flock, that you may learn always to fear the LORD, your God. If, however, the journey is too much for you and you are not able to bring your tithe, because the place which the LORD, your God, chooses for the
abode of his name is too far for you, considering how the LORD has blessed
you, you may exchange the tithe for money and, with the purse of money in hand,
go to the place which the LORD, your God, chooses. You may then exchange the money for whatever you desire, oxen or sheep, wine or strong drink, or anything else you would enjoy, and there before the LORD, your God, you shall partake of it and make merry with your family.


How many times have you EATEN your tithes?????

"Bring the whole tithe into the STOREHOUSE [NOT BANK OR CHURCH] , so that there may be FOOD [NOT MONEY] .... " (Malachi 3:10).

Christian PORN by request


Angel in charge of Tithes for "the Lord's work"

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