Dee Graf, posting as Aurora, is involved in one the worst right-wing fundamentalist hate blogs I have ever read - Dee is the daughter of Pastors Don & Minta Baker of Cavlary Chapel, Sydney, a Foursquare Gospel Church of which my wife and I used to be a member. My wife and I both knew her well. Her blog equates the Labor Party of Australia with "The Dark Side" - evil, satanic and of the devil. (Read "Australia Has Fallen To The Dark Side" - "...You’ll have to excuse me. Tonight I haven’t the heart to blog." ...)

Dee's blog is closely aligned to the fundie ratbag Bill Muehlenberg and his site at

It is not surprising that the "wild child" of the Bakers as returned to the right-wing frundamentalist ratbaggery of her uneducated parents. Pastor Don Baker never had any recognised degree in theology and was an ex-surveyor. The poor child has been brainwashed since her birth. Often sermons at Calvary Chapel, Sydney, included which party to vote for in the State and Federal elections - always the conservative right wing Liberal Party - as though that is the only political party that God endorses. Such people fail to acknowledge that there are Christians in ALL of the Australian political parties.

It comes down to a definition of "Christian"., Fundamentalists don't acknowledge the majority of Christians as Australia's living heretic explains:

"... quoting from James Barr's book "Fundamentalism" on the three
distinguishing features of the Fundamentalist:

'Firstly, a fundamentalist has a very strong emphasis on the inerrancy of
the Bible, and believes in the absence from it of any sort of error.

Two, a strong hostility to modern theology and to the method, results and
implications of modern critical study of the Bible.

And three, an assurance that those who do not share their religious
viewpoint are not really true Christians at all.'"

Peter Cameron "Heretic" (Doubleday; Sydney: 1994) p. 178

I've been banned several times from Dee's sites. Free speech is not allowed in the Fundamentalist Dark Age. Such people make me cringe. They have destroyed Christianity and seek to enforce their own extremist agenda on Australia.

Franky Schaeffer "[Francis Schaeffer's son & Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's
brother] who left evangelical Christianity for Greek Orthodoxy states the problem well in "Sham Pearls For Real Swine" ( Wolgemuth & Hyatt; Brentwood:1990)

In our times, various ideologically dedicated groups increasingly use censorship, coercion, or propaganda to limit access to ideas, literature, and the arts that they consider threatening. p.74

Censorship, the twin brother of propaganda, is the tool of despots, of idealogues, of ayatollahs, of fantics. p.96