Luke 4:16 -30 (Fundy Version)

Then Jesus went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the sabbath he went as usual to the synagogue. He stood up and said "Here I am! It's me! God! I'm here to be worshipped! Let's sing a Jesus Jingle to me! Hallelume! Praise me! "All the people in the synagogue were suitably impressed with Jesus and invited him into their hearts as their own personal Jesus, someone to hear their prayers, someone who cares. And Jesus said "Go out and make all men ... and women ... fundamentalists. Those that don't convert to fundamentalism you must call hereticks, launch a Fundamentalist Inquisition and burn them at the stake ... in Jesus' name ... in true Christian love. "Luke 4:16 -30 (Fundy Version)