MORE un"Righteous Indignation"

I was invited in person by Dee Graf (daughter of Pastors Don and Minta Baker of Greenacre Calvary Chapel - a Foursquare Church) to comment on her blog "Righteous Indignation". I did so with integrity as can be seen by the surviving copy of the dialogue in the thread "Rabid Right Wing Fundamentalist Hate Blogs".

Further rabid right wing hate blogs which Dee Graf subscribes to include:


They show the same type on intolerant bigotry that was seen on the now defunct "Righteous Indignation" (Dee closed it.). Religious, racial and political hate speech vilifying other Christians, "Leftists" and Moslems are a common feature along with an irrational fear of change and "The Other".

AS I have repeatedly asked "WHERE IS THE CHRISTIAN LOVE by which ALL people will know that you are Christ's disciple?" There is none on these blogs. Jesus said to love your neighbour (which includes Liberal Christians, "Leftists" and Moslems). There was no further qualification given.

As for Dee Graf's claim that "leftists" censor everyone else - WHO IS CENSORING WHO in this current problem???? Dee Graf HAS censored ME!!!! Why is she so afraid of debate with a Christian who disagrees with her?

I am shocked that Dee Graf would vilify me, a fellow Christian, repeatedly merely because I do not agree with her fundamentalist right-wing message of hate.

I will delete all comments about Dee Graf and "Righteous Indifgnation" any time Dee wishes to talk rationally with me in person following what Jesus stated in Matthew 18:15-17

I forgive Dee for her intolerance of other Christian and political viewpoints, and her persistent racial and religious vilification (both illegal and a sin). I also forgive Dee for her continued gossip and innuendo about me and her "prayer meetings" which have vilified me. (Such Trew Kristyun luv!)

I'll continue to pray for her.

Meanwhile you may like to check out my Blog under the Label: "Characteristics" for a good overview of the FEAR and INTOLERANCE that drives fundamentalist Christians like Dee Graf. Even Christians who disagree with them are attacked!