"It looks as though it was put in by an Indian." observation on a messy fuse box during a visit to a factory, 1999

"Djabugay, Yirrganydji, what's it all about? Do you still throw spears at each other?" showing interest in two aboriginal tribes in Australia.

"I thought it was against the law these days for a woman to solicit." said to a woman solicitor in a reception line

"It's a pleasure to be in a country that isn't ruled by its people." said to Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner.

"There is no middle ground. For Christians, there can be no peaceful coexistence with those Sodomites whom God has given over to a reprobate mind."

"Homosexuals know they are going to die and they are going to take as many people with them as they can."

"These perverted homosexuals ... absolutely hate everything that you and I and most decent, God-fearing citizens stand for. Make no mistake. These deviants seek no less than total control and influence in society, politics, our schools and in our exercise of free speech and religious freedom. If we do not act now homosexuals will own America."

"Homosexuality is Satan's diabolical attack upon the family that will not only have a corrupting influence upon our next generation, but it will also bring down the wrath of God upon America."

"AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals. To oppose it would be like an Israelite jumping in the Red Sea to save one of Pharaoh's charioteers."

"The argument that making contraceptives available to young people would prevent teen pregnancy is ridiculous. That's like offering a cookbook as a cure to people who are trying to lose weight." Moral Majority, Liberty Foundation

"I listen to feminists and all these radical gals - most of them are failures. They've blown it. Some of them have been married, but they married some Casper Milquetoast who asked permission to go to the bathroom. These women just need a man in the house. That's all they need. Most of the feminists need a man to tell them what time of day it is and to lead them home. And they blew it and they're mad at all men. Feminists hate men. They're sexist. They hate men, that's their problem. "

"Most of these feminists are radical, frustrated lesbians, many of them, and man-haters, and failures in their relationships with men, and who have declared war on the male gender. The biblical condemnation of feminism has to do with its radical philosophy and goals. That's the bottom line."

"I feel most ministers who claim they've heard God's voice are eating too much pizza before they go to bed at night, and it's really an intestinal disorder, not a revelation."

"The idea that religion and politics don't mix was invented by the Devil to
keep Christians from running their own country." sermon, July 4, 1976

"Over the last 35 years, the left-wing elite has been engaged in a campaign to purge traditional Judeo-Christian values from public life in America, and the deafening silence of America's pulpits and religious leaders has helped this unconstitutional effort to enjoy much success. The time has come to awaken from our slumber and take a bold stand before all our constitutional rights are all stripped away. People with deeply-held spiritual values and beliefs should not be treated as 'second-class' citizens." promotional on website

"Textbooks are Soviet propaganda." 1980

"Christians, like slaves and soldiers, ask no questions." 1981

"If we ever opened a meeting with a prayer, silent or otherwise, we would disintegrate," address to the Religious Newswriters Association in New
Orleans explaining why Moral Majority meetings do not open with prayer.
(People for the American Way says it has yet to find anyone who has made a
stronger case against the proposed school prayer Constitutional amendment.)
Cal Thomas, director of communications for Moral Majority, said his group
did not open meetings with prayer because it is a political organization
that includes Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Protestants, and some
"non-religious" members. "What kind of prayer would we use?" he asked.
Quoted from "Falwell Arms the Opposition," San Francisco Chronicle,
September 19, 1982

"The decline in American pride, patriotism, and piety can be directly
attributed to the extensive reading of so-called 'science fiction' by our
young people. This poisonous rot about creatures not of God's making,
societies of 'aliens' without a good Christian among them, and raw sex
between unhuman beings with three heads and God alone knows what sort of
reproductive apparatus keeps our young people from realizing the true will
of God." Reader's Digest, p142-157, August 1985

Modern U.S. Supreme Courts have raped the Constitution and raped the
Christian faith and raped the churches by misinterpreting what the founders
had in mind in the First Amendment of the Constitution... We must fight
against those radical minorities who are trying to remove God from our
textbooks, Christ from our nation. We must never allow our children to
forget that this is a Christian nation. We must take back what is rightfully
ours." sermon, March 1993

"The public school system is damned. Let me tell you how radical I am.
Christian students should be in Christian schools. If you have to sell your
car, live in a smaller house, or work a night job, put your child in
Christian schools. If you can't afford it home school." Trends in Christian
Higher Education, Regent University, September 22, 1993

"Just think of the two choices many children in America will face: 1.) To
either be slaughtered by the abortionist's knife, or 2.) Have his life
spared only to be sentenced to a lifetime of misery, despair and anguish -
forced to live with homosexuals." Direct Mail, June 1, 1994

"Grown men should not be having sex with prostitutes unless they are married
to them." CNN's Crossfire, May 1, 1997

"Someone must not be afraid to say, 'moral perversion is wrong.' If we do
not act now, homosexuals will 'own' America!...If you and I do not speak up
now, this homosexual steamroller will literally crush all decent men, women,
and children who get in its way...and our nation will pay a terrible price!"
People for the American Way's, "Hostile Climate," p. 15, 1997

"Now, further evidence that the creators of the series intend for Tinky
Winky to be a gay role model have surfaced. He is purple -- the gay-pride
color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle -- the gay-pride symbol."
article warning about Teletubby's being a homosexual role model because he
wears a purple triangle, has the voice of a boy, yet he carries a purses,
presumably, like a girl, American National Liberty Journal National Liberty
Journal, February 1999

"Theologically, any Christian has to support Israel. If we fail to protect
Israel we will cease to be important to God. " Grace Halsell, Forcing
God's Hand, p 100-101, 1999

"I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists,
and the gays and the lesbians...the A.C.L.U., People for the American Way,
all of them who have tried to secularize America, I point the finger in
their face and say, 'You helped this happen.'" about 9/11 terrorist
attacks,The 700 Club, September 13, 2001