Becoming a Velvet-Covered Brick

from "Becoming a Velvet-Covered Brick" by Dr. Robert Jeffress

> Engage with those who hold opposing points of view.

Aaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!! A Trew Kristyun might be CONTAMINATED that way!!!!

Don't fill your mind with anything that is not PURE BILE ... er ... BIBLE!!!!!

> Listen to other people's stories.

Only if they happen to be Trew Kristytuns ... otherwise jam a Bible down their throat to shut them up!

> ? Distinguish between major and minor issues.

Major issue: you must believe everything a fundamentalist says and be their

Minor issues: anything else.

> ? Reflect the love of Christ.

As you are a Trew Kristyun "washed in the blood of the lamb" therefore you
are entitled to cast the first stone in Trew Kristyun luv.

"All things are probable. Try to believe." - Mark 17:1 (MTV)
"Really! Try to believe even if it's bloody stupid and irrational." - Mark
17:2 (MTV)
"Why? Because I said so, that's why! Don't ask questions. Just
believe." - Mark 17:3 (MTV)