Critique: "What is the Frankfurt School?" - Gerald L. Atkinson

What is the Frankfurt School? ©
Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson CDR USN (Ret.)
Copyright 1 August 1999


> "'Cultural Marxism' at the U.S. Naval Academy,"

One wonders if he understands the difference betwtwen Marxism and Leninism and Stalinism and the widely different practices of NMarxism around the world including CHRISTIAN Marxism. (see Poland's history and the Liberation Theology of South America for examples of Christian Marxism.)

> you should be quite concerned that our future naval officers are being subjected to
> psychic intimidation and indoctrination by behavioral psychologists and clinicians

I'd be very much more concerned if they were indoctrinated in fundamentalism and the hate-filled rhetoric of the right. These are military who have to be prepared for battle NO MATTER WHAT SIDE OF POLITICS IS IN POWER. They protect the nation. They do not protect a specific ideology.

> American civilization [2] -- the most vital and precious descendent of Western civilization.

Now THAT's funny!

One could argue that the USA has done more to destroy Western civilisation that any other Western nation. Items in the list include:
- fast food chains linked with Western obesity
- economic rationalism that has caused a class of working poor
- nuclear weapons used TWICE on civilian populations killing innocent m,en., womnen, children and babies and leaving other horrifically injured and scarred for life.
- assassination of President John F Kennedy (Have you found the REAL killers yet????)
- election of such "great" Presidents as "All the way with LBJ" (bombing Vietnam to hell), "Tricky Dicky" Richard "I'm not a crook" Nixon (but he was), Bush and son (WHERE are the weapons of mass destruction??? ... Oh ... it's the USA!!! ... and WHERE'S OSAMA????!!!), Ronnie "I'm gonna have a little nap" Rayguns, Gerald "I'm so clumsy" Ford, Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton (apparently blow jobs are not sex) .... One couldn't assemble such a group of clowns in one country if one tried.

> Who in America today is at work destroying our traditions, our family bonds, our religious >beginnings, our reinforcing institutions, indeed, our entire culture?

The Fundamentalists!!!!

It is also happening in Australia. Ahistorical fundamentalists erroneously think that man-made traditions descended from God, the "family unit" was a Christian concept (when marriage ceremonies in churches were a very late idea replacing Spousals.), Australia is a "Christian nation" with Christian roots (when in fact it was a penal settlement and the first church was burnt to the ground) and the laws are based on the Ten Commandments (when in fact they are based on British Common law). AND they want this shit taught in public schools along with pseudo-science creationist crap! It is part of their dumbing down of society in the Fundamentalist Dark Age where anti-intellectuallism reigns side by side with Christian Urban Myth.

> What is it that is changing our American civilization?

Hopefully lots! ALL cultures change including the cultures in the Bible. In the USA change has included segrgation abolished, equal rights, laws against sex discrimination ... all of which were OPPOSED by the right wing. Think about it. The KKK is right wing!

> But suppose you were to learn that nearly all of the observations made in this series of essays > are completely consistent with a 'design' -- that is a concept, a way of thinking, and a process > for bringing it about. And suppose one could identify a small core group of people who
> designed just such a concept and thought through the process of infusing it into a culture.

Oh no!!! A conspiracy nutter!!!! Why does America seem to breed such psychotic people by the score? Haven't they got a real life?

> If such a core group could be found, then it would still depend on your personal 'world view' as > to its significance.

If you are a brain-dead fundamentalist who believes any crap (such as pseudo-science creationism) , you'll probably be hooked in.

> If you believe in the 'blind watchmaker,' ... 'evolutionary' .... If you believe, instead, that
> nature has a 'design,'

Oh no! A pseudo-science creationist creep as well as a conspiracy nutter!!!!! Has he yet discovered that intelligent design (aka intellyjunt deezine) is just a pseudo-science creationist front discredited by the majority of scientists worl-wide?????

> 'connect all of the dots,' then you may believe that this small core group has great influence,
> even today

... and pigs might fly. The reader will be lead through a series of dots prechosen by the writer to come to a prechosen conclusion ... but is the premise correct????? Are the dots that are prechosen ALL the information or a selction of what fits the prechosen conclusion???

> Frankfurt School, formed in Germany in 1923. They were the forebears of what some
> proclaim as 'cultural Marxism,' a radical social movement that has transformed American
> culture. It is more commonly known today as 'political correctness.'

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is the WORST argument I have ever read!

Frankfurt School EVOLVED over time. Which of it's three main philosophical periuods is this nutter talking about????

When has the Frankfurt School ever been equated with "political correctness" except in the eyes of right-wing conspiracy nutters????

> These intellectual Marxists included Herbert Marcuse, who coined the phrase, during the
> anti-Vietnam War demonstrations.

Herbert did not coin this phrase, although he certainly endorsed and used it. The probable originator of the phrase is Gershon Legman (during a talk at the University of Ohio in 1963).

I opposed the Vitenam War (and still do). It was a war that Australia should not have been involved in. I skipped school with my friends and was invloved in each of the Moratorium Marches in Sydney. When I could vote I voted for Gough Whitlam (Australia's greatest Prime Minister).

> promoting the dialectic of 'negative' criticism, that is, pointing out the rational contradictions in > a society's belief system

A good methodology. All truth is God's truth.

> Its tenets would never be subject to experimental evidence.

The tenets of fundamentalism are never subjected to experimental evidence by fundamentalists. Fundamentalist tenets are not even allowed to be debated by other Christians without fundamentalists calling them heretics, "not true Christians", satanic, demonic etc etc etc. Such Trew Kristyun luv!

> As a precursor to today's 'postmodernism' in the intellectual academic community, [5] "
> recognized that disinterested scientific research was impossible in a society in which men
> were themselves not yet autonomous...the researcher was always part of the social object he
> was attempting to study." This, of course, is the concept which led to the current fetish for the > rewriting of history, and the vogue for our universities' law, English literature, and
> humanities disciplines -- deconstruction.

What an absolutely stupid conclusion! It is a fact that nothing is totally objective. The subject is ALWAYS involved in the obeservation or measuriung. This fact has to be included in all discourse on any subject ... including Christianity! Deconstruction is a valid and worthy methodology.

> Critical theory rejected the ideal of Western Civilization in the age of modern science, that is,
> the verification or falsifying [6] of theory by experimental evidence.

This guy really needs to read more on the philosophy of science. Science uses BOTH induction and deduction. His idea of scientific method is not workable.

> The Frankfurt school studied the 'authoritarian personality' which became synonymous with > the male, the patriarchal head of the American family.

... and rightly so! The authoritarian personality is rife in right-wing conspiracy nutters.

> those draft-dodging, pot-smoking, hippies who demonstrated against the Vietnam War and
> who fomented the destructive (to women) 'women's liberation' movement.


> draft-dodging

I would have dodged the draft to kill innocent people in Vietnam had I been called up. I was making plans to leave Australia.

> pot-smoking

The tobacco pot smokers use to cut the pot and make it burn slower is FAR more dangerous than the pot. In the past pot was used a medication for asthma sufferers in Western nations. (It's in the Medical book of my grandparents that I own). Of course, the LEGAL drugs of tobacco (grown by the right wing in their tobacco plantatioons using Negro slaves) and alcohol have done far more damage to people than pot.

> hippies

The LOVE Generation as opposed to the Right Wing HATE Generation.

> fomented the destructive (to women) 'women's liberation' movement.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! What a sexist pig!!!!!!!!

It called EQUALITY which is how Jesus treated women. ( See my previous posts on

> Herbert Marcuse, Eric Fromm, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Wilhelm Reich, and others

All of whom I have read various of their works. Has this rabid rightwing nutter read any of it????

> the dangerous idealist Transcendental generation of the mid-1800s, are the 'agents of change"

... for the better. See above.

> fiber of our culture were a product of a tiny group of intellectuals who immigrated from
> Germany in 1933?

You can't! But I bet you'll try. ;-) There is NO conspiracy or any SINGLE factor.

> the non-authoritarian (utopian) personality, insofar as it was defined, was posited as a person > with a non-dogmatic tolerance for diversity [22].

Diversity is good. Christians held diverse opions untill the 400s when things were set as dogma by a Roman Emperor. It was the diversity of the Roman Empire that original helped speread Christianity in Paul's time.

> If we allow this subversion of American values and interests to continue, we will (in future
> generations) lose all that our ancestors suffered and died for.

... negro slaves, plantations, segregated schools, different rates of pay for men and women, male alpha male dominance, wars against created enemies ( in the style of 1984), capital punishment, economic rationalism, the starving poor, assassination of the President, totalitarian censorship, lack of freedom of speech, the KKK, lynchings, ..... sounds like a great American heritage that is worthy to die for ..................................... not!

> We are forewarned. A reading of history -- it is all in mainstream historical accounts -- tells
> us that we are about to lose the most precious thing we have -- our individual freedoms.

Further comments on this guy's erroneous philosophical ideas are contained in the rest of my blog at

Time for REVOLUTION against the current Fundamentalist Dark Age and their anti-intellectual dumbing down of society.

Reveal the tiny little fear-filled men (sexism intended) who are making a constant vomit of conservative rightwing of hate speech!