1999-FEB: An article in his National Liberty Journal claimed that Tinky
Winky, one of the teletubbies on the children's show by the same name, was
promoting the gay lifestyle.

"Now, further evidence that the creators of the series intend for Tinky
Winky to be a gay role model have surfaced. He is purple -- the gay-pride
color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle -- the gay-pride symbol."
If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being.
-- Rev Jerry Falwell (attributed: source unknown)

I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we
won't have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again
and Christians will be running them. What a happy day that will be!
-- Rev Jerry Falwell, America Can Be Saved, 1979 pp. 52-53, from
Albert J Menendez and Edd Doerr, The Great Quotations on Religious Freedom

AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it is God's punishment
for the society that tolerates homosexuals.
-- Jerry Falwell (attributed: source unknown)

The Bible is the inerrant ... word of the living God. It is absolutely
infallible,without error in all matters pertaining to faith and practice, as
well as in areas such as geography, science, history, etc.
-- Jerry Falwell, Finding Inner Peace and Strength

We're fighting against humanism, we're fighting against liberalism ... we
are fighting against all the systems of Satan that are destroying our nation
today ... our battle is with Satan himself.
-- Rev Jerry Falwell (attributed: source unknown)

Billy Graham is the chief servant of Satan.
-- Rev Jerry Falwell (attributed: source unknown)

"The public school system is damned. Let me tell you how radical I am.
Christian students should be in Christian schools. If you have to sell your
car, live in a smaller house, or work a night job, put your child in
Christian schools. If you can't afford it home school."
--Jerry Falwell, "Trends in Christian Higher Education," Regent University,

"Most of these feminists are radical, frustrated lesbians, many of them, and
man-haters, and failures in their relationships with men, and who have
declared war on the male gender. The Biblical condemnation of feminism has
to do with its radical philosophy and goals. That's the bottom line."
--Jerry Falwell

You know when I see somebody burning the flag, I'm a Baptist preacher I'm
not a Mennonite, I feel it's my obligation to whip him. In the name of the
Lord, of course. I feel it's my obligation to whip him, and if I can't do it
then I look up some of my athletes to help me. . But, as long as at 72 I can
handle most of the jobs I do it myself, and I don't think it's un-spiritual.
When I, when I, when I hear somebody talking about our military and
ridiculing and saying terrible things about our President, I'm thinking you
know just a little bit of that and I believe the Lord would forgive me if I
popped him.

- Jerry Falwell, during a September 25, 2005, sermon to his Thomas Road
Baptist Church congregation

"I think Muhammad was a terrorist. I read enough by both Muslims and
non-Muslims, [to decide] that he was a violent man, a man of war." - 60
Minutes (CBS) (September 30, 2002)

1980-AUG: After President Bailey Smith, president of the Southern Baptist
Convention told a Dallas meeting that "God Almighty does not hear the prayer
of a Jew," Falwell is reported as giving a similar statement: "I do not
believe that God answers the prayer of any unredeemed Gentile or Jew"
2004: Falwell delivered a speech to the Southwestern Baptist Theological
Seminary in Fort Worth, TX, in which he discussed the opening of his
fundamentalist Christian law school. He is reported as telling the Dallas
Morning News:

"We are unabashedly proactive. We are on a mission to return America to
her religious heritage. We're hoping we are training the lawyers who can
turn the legal profession back to the right."
He allegedly told the Associated Press:

"We want to infiltrate the culture with men and women of God who are
skilled in the legal profession. We'll be as far to the right as Harvard is
to the left."
July 1984: Falwell is forced to pay gay activist Jerry Sloan $5,000 after
losing a court battle. During a TV debate in Sacramento, Falwell denied
calling the gay-oriented Metropolitan Community Churches "brute beasts" and
"a vile and Satanic system" that will "one day be utterly annihilated and
there will be a celebration in heaven." When Sloan insisted he had a tape,
Falwell promised $5,000 if he could produce it. Sloan did so, Falwell
refused to pay and Sloan successfully sued. Falwell appealed, with his
attorney charging that the Jewish judge in the case was prejudiced. He lost
again and was forced to pay an additional $2,875 in sanctions and court

October 1987: The Federal Election Commission fines Falwell $6,000 for
transferring $6.7 million in funds intended for his ministry to political

February 1988: The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down a $200,000 jury award to
Falwell for "emotional distress" he suffered because of a 1983 Hustler
magazine parody. Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, usually a Falwell
favorite, wrote the unanimous opinion in Hustler vs. Falwell, ruling that
the First Amendment protects free speech.

January 1991: Siding with Americans United, the Virginia Supreme Court
unanimously rejects Falwell's quest for $60 million in state bonds for his
Liberty University. During the litigation, Falwell tried to camouflage the
school's rigidly fundamentalist character, telling the court that the school
would no longer discriminate in hiring or force students to attend mandatory
chapel (renamed convocation). All the while, Falwell assured his
congregation that Liberty had not changed, insisting chapel will be
mandatory "until Jesus comes."

February 1993: The Internal Revenue Service determines that funds from
Falwell's Old Time Gospel Hour program were illegally funneled to a
political action committee. The IRS forced Falwell to pay $50,000 and
retroactively revoked the Old Time Gospel Hour's tax-exempt status for

September 1994: Falwell endorses former Iran-Contra figure Oliver North for
a U.S. Senate seat in Virginia. Falwell glosses over North's legal problems,
saying they happened "in the past."
1994-1995: Falwell is criticized for using his "Old Time Gospel Hour" to
hawk a scurrilous video called "The Clinton Chronicles" that makes a number
of unsubstantiated charges against President Bill Clinton-among them that he
is a drug addict and that he arranged the murders of political enemies in
Arkansas. Despite claims he had no ties to the project, evidence surfaced
that Falwell helped bankroll the venture with $200,000 paid to a group
called Citizens for Honest Government (CHG). CHG's Pat Matrisciana later
admitted that Falwell and he staged an infomercial interview promoting the
video in which a silhouetted reporter said his life was in danger for
investigating Clinton. (Matrisciana himself posed as the reporter.) "That
was Jerry's idea to do that," Matrisciana recalled. "He thought that would
be dramatic."

November 1997: Falwell accepts $3.5 million from a front group representing
controversial Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon to ease Liberty University's
financial woes. The donation, and several Falwell appearances at Moon
conferences, raised eyebrows because Moon claims to be the messiah sent to
complete the failed mission of Jesus Christ, a doctrine sharply at odds with
Falwell's fundamentalist Christian theology. (In 1978, before the Moon money
started flowing, Falwell told Esquire magazine, "Reverend Sun Myung Moon is
like the plague: he exploits boys and girls, and he should be exported.")
January 1999: Falwell tells a pastors' conference in Kingsport, Tenn., that
the Antichrist prophesied in the Bible is alive today and "of course he'll
be Jewish."


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