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This sounds like a rational fundamentalist reply ................................. not!!!!!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

To this blog's visitors. I've had to introduce comment moderation and will be closing down this blog. My blog archive is being deleted post by post so that I can save my old posts. Therefore you comments you see are old ones from the archive which will be gone by this time tomorrow.I will (hopefully) be starting a new blog as soon as possible so I will leave this page up until then. If you wish to be informed when my new blog is started, please leave a comment here and let me know if you do not wish your comment to be published.I hope not to lose any of the visitors to this blog.Yours,Dee.

Posted by Dee at 1:47 PM


My email to an email from Dee
Monday, 14 May 2007 7:58 PM


> 'Troll' is a word used in the blogosphere to describe a person who repeatedly comes onto a
> blog for the purposes of nothing more than harassment.

Whereas I was invited to your blog by yourself for comment. Did you want honest comment or just a pat on the back? If you didn't want honest comment then you should not have asked me to comment. I'm honest and have integrity.

> As a matter of fact you think a lot like the satanists

QUE??? Are you now vilifying me, a fellow Christian, as a Satanist just because I disagree with your point of view? Do you realise how silly and immature that is????

> The final straw was when you pointed out the flag option at the top of my blog in a
> threatening way.

Not in a "threatening way" I just noted that it was there for anyone to use ,.... including Moslems. I have a friend who is policeman and who works undercover. Your blog is probably already noted by both police and ASIO for its religious and racial hate speech. I was just trying to warn you of the fact as a fellow Christian. What you are doing is both ILLEGAL (Racial and religious vilification and incitement to hate) and a SIN against the God who is love and the Prince of Peace. Neither seems to bother you.

> I have a four year old daughter who needs her mother and I really don't relish the idea of
> being jailed for expressing my opinions.

Then you shouldn't be writing antiChristian religious and racial hate speech vilifying other Christians and Moslems. You will reap what you sow. I cannot be blamed for your actions and your sins. That's your problem.

WHERE IS THE CHRISTIAN LOVE by which ALL people will know that you are Christ's disciple?

> This is always a fear as I am sticking my neck out against a very nefarious prevailing
> majority by saying it as it is. All Conservative bloggers know we are in danger and
> when people like you start making threats, it's time to draw the line.You will, of
> course, argue against your motives, but I sensed a veiled threat there.

I have made NO threats whatsoever. That is a lie! Your "sensing" is defective.

As for your claim that "leftists" censor everyone else - WHO IS CENSORING WHO in this current problem???? YOU are censoring ME!!!! Why are you so afraid of debate with a Christian who disagrees with you?

> I told you my views on Christian love

... but you do not PRACTICE what you preach. You demonstrate none of the fruits of the Spirit nor Christian love. Jesus said to love your neighbour (which includes Liberal Christians and Moslems). He gave no qualification.

> You refuse to listen or discuss

I have repeatedly listened and discussed but I don't agree with your hate and fear-filled right-wing fundamentalist views. You have not returned the discussion but have CENSORED debate.


> I've just been to your blog and I'm shocked that my blog has so upset you that you > would persecute me so strongly.

I am shocked that you would vilify me, a fellow Christian, repeatedly merely because I do not agree with your message of hate.

I am also shocked that, as a Christian, you do not love your neighbour (including Moslems) let alone your fellow Christians such as myself.

Have a reread of what I have stated on your blog ....

How are you going to fix the current problem?

How about demonstrating in your actions that the following quote from Australia's only living sentenced "heretic", Peter Cameron, is wrong?

FUNDAMENTALISM (from Peter Cameron's "Fundamentalism and Freedom" (Doubleday; Sydney: 1995.)

To reduce that to convenient headings, the Fundamentalist is uncomfortable with freedom, truth, and dissent.' and very much at home with authority, obedience, and conformity. p7

They will be fearful in the face of any challenge to their security and brutal in their reaction; they will seek to bolster their security by persuading others of its validity.; and those others will be persuaded because of their own increasing sense of insecurity in the modern world. ...

The Fundamentalist deals in absolutes. ... "We have the answer. The answer is to ask no questions. Everything is set out ion the Holy Book. Simply obey and you will find happiness - in other words, security."... Argument, debate, the possibility that they might be wrong - these are not on the agenda. In any other walk of life they would be regarded as unhinged. Very few of them have ever been exposed to the simplest form of biblical criticism, yet they feel qualified to tell people who have spent half a lifetime on the subject that they are barking up he wrong tree. It's rather like witchdoctor medicine confronted with real medicine. The primitive reaction is one of fear, suspicion and hostility - out with the spears and shields. And the witchdoctors themselves, of course, have vested interests to protect: their positions of control and authority. Naturally they resist....

Fundamentalists need an enemy; an enemy both gives them their own identity and unites them.

...they stand for nothing positive at all - simply obedience to rules and the condemnation of those who break them....

Fundamentalists are impervious to rational argument. They are convinced that they are God's chosen instrument and that their victims are agents of the devil. They need to be convinced of this, because it is what gives them purpose to their lives. Fundamentalism's real purpose is not to save but to condemn: for the dissenter or for the outsider it is dangerous almost be definition.... the danger is manifested in the methods used. No holds are barred. All is fair in holy war. The end always justifies the means. ...

appropriate is the Old Testament norm, according to which the apostate who deviates from true doctrine contaminates the people of God and must be weeded out and burned.

The pattern therefore is one of private hearings, and stacked committees, and kangaroo courts, or - more simply and more devastatingly - a behind-the-scenes verdict and a sentence of ostracism with no possibility of appeal.... a closed system of rules and obedience, and authoritarian control, and rigid conformity.

Instead of a religion of love which proceeds by invitation, it is a religion of fear which proceeds by intimidation....

Fundamentalism is wrong, it is a distortion of Christianity, in fact it is its complete contradiction. ... it masquerades as the truth. Christianity is not a matter of obeying commandments, or of obtaining salvation through the acceptance of an authoritative holy book, or of believing in certain propositions like a physical resurrection. the irony is that what Fundamentalist Christianity teaches is exactly the sort of thing which the founder of Christianity came to warn people about....

Fundamentalism ... thrives on protective stupidity.

...fear in the face of any challenge to the status quo; indoctrination in order to prevent dissent, and brutality in suppressing dissent; the exaltation of authority and rules and control and manipulation; and certainty on the part of those in charge that they possess the truth, hand in hand with an actual perversion of the truth into mere expediency. p. 10 ff


I have started my own thread about your blog which I will delete any time you wish to talk rationally with me following what Jesus stated in Matthew 18:15-17

I forgive you for your intolerance of other Christian viewpoints and your persistent racial and religious vilification (both illegal and a sin).

I'll continue to pray for you.


"Love And Peace Or Else" - U2
Lay down your guns
All your daughters of Zion
All your Abraham sons...
And I wonder where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Love and peace

"Tax Free" - Joni Mitchell

Album: Dog Eat Dog

....Lord, there's danger in this land
You get witch-hunts and wars
When church and state hold hands
Fuck it!
Tonight I'm going dancing
With the drag queens and the punks
Big beat deliver me
From this sanctimonious skunk
We're no flaming angels
And he's not heaven sent
How can he speak for the Prince of Peace
When he's hawk-right militant


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Being a Christian and a Conservative, if there is one thing that drives me insane, it is the demolition of our hard-won freedoms. .... There is an enemy .... It's a dark spirit, with intent to conform all spirituality to a uniform model *[FUNDAMENTALISM!] and to monitor freedom of speech *[WHO IS CENSORING WHO????] and worship. It's a greed-driven global power moving to pauperize and disarm the citizen and to muzzle all dissent. *[WHO IS CENSORING WHO????] If this thing succeeds, we will be defenseless against the rising .... threat and every other threat because there will be nothing left of us. And nothing left to fall back upon, except God, which is Who we should have turned to in the first place.

That's what this blog's about.


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