When? by Thomas Roper

Orthodox Jew (Ex-Southern Baptist Minister)

The next time you are approached by a Christian missionary you might think about asking him or her the question listed below. I should add that you probably will not receive a very intelligent response.

I have a question for those who believe that one must "accept Jesus" as messiah, G-d, and the son of G-d, in order to "be saved." At what point in history did this become necessary?

a.. Was it at the time that Jesus was born?
b.. Was it when he began his ministry?
c.. Was it when he was crucified?
d.. Was it when, according to Christian teachings, he "arose from the dead?"
e.. Was it when, according to Christian teachings, he "ascended to heaven"?"


If it was at one of those points, say for example when he was crucified, did a person in China who died the next day, go to hell because he had not accepted Jesus as savior?In other words: Is it or is it not, necessary for one to accept Jesus as G-d/Son of G-d, in order to please G-d? If so, when, at what point in time, did it become necessary?"