Christians, Zombies and Nudists!!!!

"Nudist Colony of the Dead" (1991)

Directed and written by Mark Pirro

Judge Rhinehole orders the Sunny Buttocks Nudist Camp closed down as an affront to the community - a group of old Bible thumpers. The nudists are so ashamed and outraged by this act that they commit mass suicide but vow to return for vengeance. Five years later, they return as zombies to the site -- now a church summer camp renamed Camp Cutcha Guzz Out . A group of Christian teenage campers go there on a retreat and argue with each other about religion and sing big production numbers. The nudists return as zombies determined to kill every last zealot.

Songs include "I Don't Care" and "Inky Dinky Doo Dah Morning" and other obscene lyrics and vulgar parodies of religious fundamentalists.


Reverend Ritz: Remember, the children can't praise the Lord if they've got genitals in their mouths.

Fanny Wype: We're Christians! We're not supposed to think!

Miss Stucco: This is a religious retreat, which has nothing to do with fun! Do you think Jesus was having fun when he was being nailed on the cross? Do you think Noah had fun when he watched all his neighbors drowning? Do you think Cecil B. DeMille had fun when he parted the Red Sea and sent his crew into golden overtime?

Ms. Luger: Listen, sister. Nudity didn't work for Adam and Eve and it's not gonna work for you. If God had wanted us to walk around naked he wouldn't have made little animals for us to cut up and make fur coats out of.

Miss Stucco: Your rights stop where Jesus says they do, and Jesus didn't like nudity.

Mrs. Druple: Well, Jesus must love hemorrhoids because he sure got a lot of assholes behind him.

Mrs. Druple: Your assholes are so tight you need a crowbar to help you shit.