Finally a decent product!!!!!

... Fundie-B-GoneTM is available in a convenient, general purpose aerosol spray.

It can be used to clear fundie spores from the home and anywhere that may have been contaminated by faith. Fundie-B-GoneTM can also be sprayed directly at fundies, however we only recommend this in emergency situations.Fundie-B-GoneTM is available in original, tayberry and new lemon fresh scents. For those special nights when it's essential to keep fundamentalism at bay, there's our sensual ylang ylang fragrance.It's a little known fact that fundamentalist spores can travel long distances and remain dormant within common household dust and dirt. To combat this potential domestic contamination by faith we have incorporated Fundie-B-GoneTM into a general purpose household cleaner. One cleaning application with Fundie-B-GoneTM is guaranteed to keep your house faith free for up to six months. Although we do recommend using Fundie-B-GoneTM once a month, especially if you live close to a church, or have fundamentalist neighbours.Buy at


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I prefer the Pagan-B-GoneTM biblical aerosol spray. Each time those confounded Pagans come into your blessed home, just spray whereever they sat or on whatever they touched and everything will return to it's blessed state. Spray comes in Fundamental Vanilla, Halleleuia Frankencense and Praise the Lord Myrrh.