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Chick Dissection In The Beginning

... Oh, great. Dinosaurs. And man. Coexisting. Again.This is gonna be a blast! ........"Your teacher's been brainwashed. By facts and observable evidence. That God, for whatever reason, lets him see instead of the apparent 'truth', which is something that can only be speculated about through blind faith, and that we can only really find out about when we die. Because nothing that we can observe in the world around us is trustworthy, and is potentially all just an illusion. Except the Bible. That's real. Because it says it is. There's no way it could possibly be a trick of Satan or anything. Because it says it's not. Really. But everything else in the whole world is potentially an illusion."Scott Huse, huh? Yeah, I'll bet he's respected for his objectivity amongst the scientific community. Hey, a bunch of easily-led people agree that what he says sounds like it could make sense, so that makes him right, right? 'Cause that's what science is, right? Just a bunch of people making up stories and agreeing with each other without testing any evidence or doing comparative research?....I hate when people call science a "religion". It's not like there are a bunch of guys in robes praising idols of Einstein and Newton and such with necklaces made of strung-together test tubes. It's like saying that books are the "religion" of people who write, or that dishes are the "religion" of bus boys, or the internet is the "religion" of people who work for, say, Google. Like anyone who has the occupation of experimenting to observe evidence and better understand the world is only blindly worshipping like some kind of cult. ....


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