Saturday FAQ (Revised 2007)



1 - Miseducation / brainwashing done by illiterate parents, usually to "protect" thier children from "evil, secular" society.

2. - The alternative for those who are so deranged that they don't want an education for their kids.

3. - An option for fundamentalist Trew Kristyun parents who are too poor for private school.



2. misedjakayshun - homeskool -trew kristyun

3. The Ghost Town

1. Sanctuary for brain-dead trew homeskoolas.

2. Gated trew homeskoola grey hiding place free from the challenge of professional educators who pose questions that homeskoolas can't answer.

3. Brandon Staggs' Trew Homeskoola Lunatic Asylum For the Educationally Demented, Intellectually Challenged And Fundamentally Fecked



There are only three rules:


If you have any intelligence or a different opinion to the brain-dead homeskoolas at or ( then you will be called called "troll" etc (especially if you have any recognised teaching qualification). Anirrational inquisition / witch hunt will then be followed by crucifixion / stoning / burning at the stake.


Trew homeskoolas are not capable of doing any of these mortal homeskool sins. If you ask questions then you looking for information to discredit homeskoolun. Forcing them to think and to critically reflect in what they are doing is being worldly. Try any of these things and you can't be a "TrewKristyun".


Trew Homeskoolas luv "pasta" Steve Winter ....Examples:

"Snapper" <> wrote:> "Pastor Steve Winter" wrote>>I put some of our music videos on the web.>> Christian homeschoolers in action.>>>> Pastor Winter> Cool as! I've listened to a couple, my only negative comment is that I> can't seem to download them .... they play great on-line but I'd still> rather be able to listen off-line.


Dalene Barnes" <> wrote:> Steve, thanks for taking the time to posts the links!


Jayne Kulikauskas" <> wrote:> Pastor Winter. His posts on homeschooling are quite> welcome and appropriate here.


"Wayne D. Schissler" wrote:> civil and lucid. Here, Steve has been both.> I concure with Jayne's opinion.


"Marty Carts" <> wrote:> Steve Winter is *not* an unmitigated pain.

THAT explains why the people at and formerly on are SO WEIRD!!!!

Steve Winter FAQ
Things you may need to know if you have dealings with Steve Winter.

The Adams - Steve Winter FAQ
The Official Steve Winter FAQ contains important information to understand why Steve Winter is such a problem on the net.


FAQ answered by the NG members:

* Will I find anything of worth regarding education on this NG that I don't already know because I attended school once ...a long time ago?

No ... not really ...what's education???? ...we only homeskool ..."we don't need no education, we don't need no thought control ...teacher, leave us kids alone"... go away ... I'm playing with my kids!!! Me 'n Bubba jes' learns 'em at home. Werks reel good!

* Will I have an intelligent logical ratrional conversation with any person on this NG?

Nope ... now bugger off .... I'm playing with my kids!

* Is this NG plagued by Trew Kristyuns?

No ... "Trew Kristyuns" are not a plague ... just a very horrible disease ... let us show you how much we luv you ...really ... we just have to collect the wood for the fire ... and the petrol for the fuel ... and the rope to .... oh well ... you don't need to know about that right now bugger off ....I'm playing with my kids!

* Is his group friendly?

Yes, to our own kind ...unfortunately you are the Other .... an outsider ... because of this you will be treated to our friendly "Trew Kristyun luv" (See RULE 1) ... this is because you are inferior and the lowest of the low ... only homeskoolas are able to access the wisdom of God .... only home skoolers know everything in the universe about education ... and only home skoolers can get their heads that far up their arses there!! bugger off! ...go away! ... still got to do more playing with my kids ... I mean more 'Trew Homeskoolun Ejakashun"..... you STILL here? ...... bugger off! ... I'm off to perform more witchdoctory and diy brain surgery

Surgery isn't something for professionals only. Anyone can do it. It's just carving up meat.

Us DIY surgeons don't want any government interference with our surgery. It's our kids we are operating on and we know what's best for the little buggers. I own my kids so I can experiment on them as I wish. I especially like experiments using electricty, bare wires and a power socket.

I went to hospital once so I know everything about DIY brain surgery. I've also watched a lot of soap operas about hospitals. I've read several DIY brain surgery books and even attended several DIY brain surgery seminars. It's very easy to do brain surgery as it comes naturally to everyone.

Everyone is born with the ability to do brain surgery because everyone can use a knife. I use a knife every day to cut up my own food and my kid's food. That proves that I'm qualified to do DIY brain surgery.

Scalpel? I don't need a scapel. I've got a steak knife and its sharp enough. If it doesn't cut through I can always use the chain saw.

Anaesthetic? That's just fancy professional doctor stuff. You don't need it. You just hit the kid over the head with your steel reinforced KJV bible. That knocks 'em out.

If you really know your child well you can just ask where it hurts, open up their head, operate and stitch it back up with some cotton and a few safety pins. It works just as good as that fancy medical professional stuff.

I don't need to assess or diagnose whether DIY brainsurgery is needed or not. I like doing it and the kids turn out a whole lot better after I'm finished. I just ask Junior "You got a headche, Junior?" or "Are you thinking again?" and if Junior's head wobbles or Junior's head is a bit pale I operate.

What's really neat is that you can use the leftovers for a family casserole meal. The kids love it! Great big juicy brain blobs deep fried! Yummy!

Here we go!


Made a mistake!

Better take them to a DIY brain surgery hospital.


The DIY brain surgery hospital made a mistake!

Better send the kids to a real hospital with professional doctors who know what they are doing.


Too late!

The kids are dead.

Oh well ...Time to make some more kids so I can continue my career as a DIY surgeon.



Amended 2007

*Mandatory for all Newbies

Personal Information
[_] Mr.
[_] Mrs.
[_] Ms.
[_] Miss
[_] Troll Namer
[_] Crusader
[_] Infidel Slayer
[_] Winnie The Pooh Fan
[_] Paranoid Sociopath (with gun fetish)
[_] Creationist

First Name: ___________________________

Last Name: __________________________

Estimated age: ____

How many dozen kids do you homeskool?: ____

Do you own a kitchen table to homeskool at? ___

Can you read and rite (sort of)? ______________

1. Who can vouch that you really are a Trew Homeskoola?

[_] Trailer park manager
[_] Parole Officer
[_] Local drug dealer
[_] Gun store owner
[_] Trew Kristyun Pasta
[_] Fellow Trew Homeskoola
[_] Napoleon
[_] My Mom
[_] Answers In Genesis
[_] A Beka books from unaccredited Pensacola Christian College

2. How did you find out about

[_] I'm perfick and I know everything coz I'm a Trew Homeskoola
[_] The Homeskool Fairy told me about it
[_] None of your business, troll!
[_] Answers In Genesis
[_] A Beka books from unaccredited Pensacola Christian College

3. Are you able to shout "Troll!" with every post you send?

[_] Yes
[_] No
[_] Carnt spel trol as i em homeskooled

4. If you are a Trew Homeskoola how was your homeskool acquired?:

[_] Cracker Jack / Cereal Box
[_] Extortion
[_] Made it myself from human waste
[_] Found it on the kitchen table
[_] Fell off the back of a truck
[_] A Beka books from unaccredited Pensacola Christian College
[_] Answers in Genesis

5. What made you decide on joining (Check all that apply):
[_] Ratbaggery
[_] Chance to flame professional educators
[_] Didn't take my medication
[_] I was drunk at the time
[_] I am a member of the Fundamentalist Dark Age
[_] Dunno
[_] Meaningless whim
[_] Winnie The Pooh Fetish
[_] I like to gossip
[_] I like to repeat "Troll!" ad nauseum
[_] I heard a command to join even though I was wearing my Tin Foil Beanie
[_] I like playing with me kids ... and dead things ... and poking 'em with a stick

6. Please check the subjects you are willing/capable to homeskool in:

[_] Illegal drug industry
[_] Hanging by the neck
[_] Gang member/leader
[_] Burning crosses / churches and homes
[_] Phone scamming
[_] Stoning with real stones
[_] E-Mail scamming
[_] Crucifixion
[_] Home invasion ring member/leader
[_] Auto theft
[_] Welfare scamming
[_] Terrorism
[_] Convenience store clerk
[_] Tar and feathering
[_] Homeskool
[_] Playing with guns (Kindergaten to beginning of High School only)
[_] Creationism as science
[_] Phrenology, blood letting, astrology, tarot card reading, etc etc etc as science

7. How would you describe yourself and your beliefs? (Check all that apply):

[_] Religious fanatic
[_] Funnymentalist
[_] Universal Hatemonger
[_] Anti-educator
[_] Trew Homeskoola
[_] UFOlogist
[_] Paranoid Psychotic with gun fetish
[_] Creationist ratbag

8. What activities do you enjoy participating in on a regular basis?:
[_] Recreational drug use
[_] Religious persecutions
[_] Rape/murder/mayhem
[_] Crucifixion and stoning
[_] Occassional tar and feathering
[_] Intimidation
[_] Singing Ren & Stimpy's "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song

Thank you for taking the time to fill out your Application to join

Send your completed application to Seckrateary Farty Carts c/o miseducation - homeskool -trew kristyun.

Please enjoy the little that your new newsgroup has to offer and don't hesitate to call people Trolls if they have a different opinion to yourself.

Remember, you don't have to change - you're a Trew Homeskoola!



Uniform: Pyjamas.

9:00-11:30: KJV Bible Study
11:30-1:30: Discussion of the latest James Dobson / Tim LaHaye book
2:00-3:00: Seminar: "Why Moslems are evil and sexually promiscous and why Jesus tells us to hate them, invade them and bomb their countires"
Daughters: lesson in cooking, sewing or houskeeping
Sons: Trew Kristyun Math (1 + 1 + 1 = 1, 1 day = 1 000 years), Science (Young Earth Creationism), History (White Trew Kristyun Domination Of The World), Government (George W - God's Chosen Messiah, Bringing Peace to The World By Bombing It To Pieces), or King Jimmy English.



In the past, the Usenet newsgroup was a dreadful place for anyone interested in education, Trew Kristyun homeskoolas discussed sundry topics unrelated related to the educational practice of home schooling and called professional educators "trolls".

As a result of the inability of these brain-dead Trew Kriustyun homeskoolas to look at educational issues via reflective praxis and their refusal to engage in educational debate, the meh-sc newsgroup became less and less useful as a place for good information or discussionThese brain-dead Trew Kristyun homeskoolas desired an exclusive forum without the challenge from professional educators who posed questions that they could not answer.

Fundamentalist Brandon Staggs had the rights to the name and formed

Below is a critique of which is typical of most Christian fundamentalist home schoolers' erroneous beliefs on education ... mainly based on Old Testament verses


>Offered here are just a handful of verses from God's word

This is one of the reasons homeschoolers should be very careful! Homeschooling is dominated by rabid fundamentalists who do not value learning for the sake of learning. Brandon thinks the bible is the "Word of God' when in fact it is an ancient collection of books about people's experience of God. If one reads all the bible it clearly states that Jesus is the Wordof God (John 1: 1) Such verses seem not to be read by literalists.

> There are hundreds of reasons to reject the usage of the government
> education system, including social, moral, academic, ethical, political,
> and "religious" reasons. For a Christian, especially a Christian who
> values the authority of Scripture, God's own words on the matter should
> settle the issue.

This is much the same type of introduction that Christian School advocates give for their system to be the "one and only Christian way" to educate children. It is simply not true in any aspect whatsoever. This is an unsubstantiated biased claim based on subjective opinion on bible proof verses taken out of context.

The word "school" does not appear in either the Old or New Testament and therefore the bible cannot be used to back any particular school system. Early Christians sent their children to classical schools. Educational concerns about the classical schools (primary or secondary) Christians sent their children to was not an issue in any of the New Testament letters. The letters also fail to recognise anything concerned with church as schooling.

As William Barclay correctly pointed out:"The New Testament lays down no kind of curriculum of training for the child; the New Testament knows nothing about religious education and nothing about schools; for the New Testament is certain that the only training which really matters is given within the home, and that there are no teachers so effective for good and evil as parents." (William Barclay, Educational Ideals in the Ancient World, Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Book House: 1974.,p.236)

That is NOT to say that parents are naturally good at teaching academic subjects! While professional teachers are best at teaching facts, concepts and skills the changing of attitudes and value inculcation is best done by parents who are not trained in teaching facts, concepts and skills. Use the people best suited for what you want to achieve. It should be noted that most home schoolers have no formal teaching qualifications whatsoever. It is like refusing to send your child to a qualified professional surgeon to have an operation and performing the task yourself on your kitchen table because "as a parent I know the child better ... and surgery is only using a knife ...which I use to cut up the meat and veg every day ... simple!" DIYsurgery is a metaphor of homeschooling.

In the 4th century the Emperor Julian challenged the Christians to take their children out of the classical schools, where other gods were taught, and to retreat to their own schools where they could be taught out of "Matthew and Luke". He was determined to force on Christians the educationalconsequences of the New Testament. The Emperor Julian uses the word "anetos" to describe the children of Christian parents ... it means "mindless". He suggested that they be cured by an Hellenistic education. However, children were not penalised because of their parent's beliefs and the classical schools remained open to all people. Two people named Apollinaris (father and son) converted the bible into pseudo-classical literature with the Pentateuch as a Homeric epic and the gospels as Platonic dialogues because Julian compelled Christians to to work from texts written in sub-classical Greek.

In subsequent centuries Christians developed a quasi-educational system to teach the New Testament but this did not come into conflict with classical schooling in any practical manner. basil, Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, wrote "To Young Men on the Advantages of Greek Literature" which suggested that pupils need not be corrupted by their work, but the onus was upon parents (and also secondarily teachers) within the church to train them in Christian belief after school.The historical fact is that Christians educated their children fully within the secular system for the first four centuries after Christ's death in spite of any contradiction that might have posed. They contradicted any negative influence by biblical training at church and home.

Alternate schooling by fundamentalists, including home schooling, is a reaction of their intimidated by pluralism and modernity. Jesus speaks of being salt and light in the world not of running away from it. There would be far fewer home schools if the world was stuck back in the 1950s where fundamentalists wish to drag everybody.

> So here we attempt to explain a conviction we have through the only
> objective way possible: Holy Scripture.

Actually this is a very biased way which only works if you are a rabid fundamentalist. Other Christians, like myself, do not take the bible as the final word on anything. A Christian is meant to use their God given brain. This explanation is also not useful for Moslems, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, etc etc etc. It ONLY works for fundamentalists ... just likecreation pseudo-science it is to be totally rejected as the subjective opinion of fanatics.Universal schooling is a modern invention and a culturally determined phenomenon. As a result direct appeal to the bible as "proof" for a schooling system is inadmissible.

The bible uses terms associated with the teaching ministry within a church and educational metaphors but these cannot be honestly transposed to support any Christian schooling concept. The Greeks had discussed education in much the same terms as we do today by the time of Jesus ... but this is NOT what the New Testament mentions.

The sacrifice that pleases God is that which engages the mind. (Romans 12:1).

> a heathen school

They are PUBLIC schools open to all, not "heathen" schools .... which is a pejorative term. Should one also refer to home schooling as "homeskoolun" in the same manner?

There are many well educated professional teachers working in the public schools who are Christians. I was one of them!It saddens me that there are so many Christian parents in home schooling who refuse to critically reflect on their choice of homeschooling and who constantly demonise anyone who disagrees with them.

Furthermore, there seems to be no professional reading of any high quality done by homeschoolers. Having refused to even consider criticism their refuge is in poorly written fundamentalist "books" which no worthy academic educational journal would consider publishing. As a result they are left to wander in a sea of mutual ignorance. It is not their ignorance that worries me as much as the damage they do to innocent children who deservemuch better than the amateurish witchdoctor type "edjakashun" of homeschooling.


In our times, various ideologically dedicated groups increasingly use censorship, coercion, or propaganda to limit access to ideas, literature, and the arts that they consider threatening. p.74

Censorship, the twin brother of propaganda, is the tool of despots, of idealogues, of ayatollahs, of fantics. p.96Franky Schaeffer "Sham Pearls For Real Swine" ( Wolgemuth & Hyatt; Brentwood:1990) [Francis Schaeffer's son & Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's brother]



Dear Trew Homeskoola Brandon Staggs

I am refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view. You make silence a wonderful thing to look forward to.

However I took exception to your recent homeskool scribble.It was:

[X] Illiterate
[X] Irrational
[X] Uninformed
[X] Written with a blunt crayon that had been stuck up someone's nose
[X] Written on a slate covered with puke
[X] Written on both sides of used toilet paper

Your attention is drawn to the fact that:

[X] You contradicted professional educators who know far more about education than you will ever know in several lifetimes
[X] You contradicted yourself several times
[X] You agreed with infamous internet kook Steve Winter
[X] You mindlessly dribbled and belched several times
[X] You repeatedly assumed unwarranted spiritual, moral, intellectual and / or educational superiority
[X] You mentioned nothing about real education but waffled on about homeskool ratbaggery and DIY amateur experimentation on children
[X] You keep talking to yourself in Homeskoolese

It is recommended that you:

[X] Devote your life to homeskooling in Iraq and Afghanistan.
[X] Get an education
[X] Learn how to spell
[X] Stop your abusive DIY amateur experimentation on children
[X] Start up a Homeskool Klown Skool
[X] Pay the standard $100 (Aus) Abuse Fine to the Moberator for your childish fearfilled abusive homeskool behaviour


[X] Are you from the shallow end of the gene pool?
[X] Do you want fries with that?

Please save this message and review it occasionally to determine your progress toward being:

[X] a tolerable homeskoola
[X] a fully-functional human being
[X] integrated into humanity
[X] re-integrated into the wild

If what you don't know can't hurt you, you're practically invulnerable.

You are hereby WARNED that future posting in the manner outlined above may void your standing as a MESHC Member and you will have to reapply.

Thank you for taking the time to read this warning.

The MEHSC Moberator
On behalf of the MESHC Committed



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