The Usual "Bible Study" Routine

Have you ever attended a Christian "Bible Study"??? I attended them weekly over a period of 30 years.

The sharing of ignorance is usually led by a lay person with no training in any type of translation, no background in ancient history and who, many times, has never read the Bible right through even once!

The "Bible Study" is directed by a booklet approved of by the church. Some books in the Bible are NEVER completely studied at a Bible Study e.g. parts of Torah - Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Lamentations ... all of which are considered boring or not relevant to indoctrination in believing Jesus is the One God Yahweh.

There are some verse from those books that are NEVER quoted from a pulpit.

Although in theory, all parts of the Bible are equally inspired, in practice there are some parts treated as more inspired than others. I have attended more Bible Studies on Romans and John's gospel that any other part of the bible.

An isolated passage is read and pointed questions are asked with approved answers to be given.

One dare not stray from the set path or ask questions that cannot be easily answered. One definitely CANNOT quote an Old Testament verse to prove a New Testamemt verse is wrong BUT one CAN (and is encourgaed to) quote an NEW Testament verse to prove an Old Testamemt verse is wrong. The New Testament ALWAYS takes priority over the Old Testament.

Don't EVER suggest that Jesus was Jewish and worshipped the One God (not himself) in the Jerusalem Temple!

I always had to leave my brain outside the door.

An effective method of brainwashing.

BIBLE - the Fundamentalist Golden Calf which comes in a Trew Kristyun version that you can supersize with added fries (in Hell).